As an expanding Canadian manufacturer of a huge range of products, Graphic Whizard provide solutions for the general, instant and copy printers as well as Government departments right down to egg farmers worldwide for numbering, perforating, creasing, scoring, dating & coding to mention a few. Numbering up to 12,000 single sheets or crash numbering multiple NCR sets of fan-apart glued sets per hour and control the depth to perforate and keep the book copy fast, these have the grunt and stability for any volume output. Herben supports over 200 Graphic Whizard machines installations in the region with a large range of spare parts, all offering solutions to an array of end users. If it’s cracking problems when scoring digitally printed matter, top or back slitting label stock or applying a security rotary embossing to warranty cards we have you pretty well covered without breaking the bank. We are ready to help you with a solution.