Herben Numbering Systems was founded by Wim Herben who started intensely in 1975 when there were some 40 brands of numbering machines in the market place with little support for service and repairs being offered. The business was established as a family venture and still operates the same way today. Wim was determined to offer the best service and products that are available without compromising on quality.

Herben has become an acknowledged leader in the provision of genuine solutions to real problems with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Wim Herben holds many patents for innovative products as well as the coveted Australian Design Award for some highly cost effective products which can be attached to your existing printing equipment. These products remove the need to make costly replacements by extending the usefulness of your current printing equipment.

Since mechanical numbering equipment is in less demand due to laser, ink jet and other forms of numbering, Herben too have moved with the times offering some of these alternate methods of numbering. Perforating has also been a strong attraction with many unique Herben designs on various printing presses around the world. In more recent years with the onset of Digital printing, scoring became a real challenge due to the tonner ‘cracking’ problems. Herben can assure any digital printer that this issue has since been resolved with a ‘plough scoring’ method from desk top to free standing floor model machines.

Herben has exclusive representation from a large range of unique specialty manufacturers overseas for numbering, perforating, slitting, scoring, creasing, security cheque encoding, credit card encoding, currency numbering, passport numbering, postage stamp perforating and many more. With nearly 40 years of unique enquiries from a worldwide client base, there aren’t too many applications which Herben has not tackled and resolved. There is a good chance you have something in your wallet which was produced with some involvement of Herben.

So if you have an issue in this field, you may well find the solutions through Herben.